• Cette fable universelle et bienfaisante s'adresse à toutes les générations.
    Elle raconte une histoire d'amitié entre un enfant, une taupe gourmande et pleine de vie, un renard que les épreuves ont rendu méfiant et un cheval sage et serein.
    Tous les quatre explorent le vaste monde. Ils se posent des questions. Ils traversent des tempêtes. Ils apprennent à s'aimer.
    Cette ode à l'innocence et à la bienveillance transmet des leçons de vie qui ont touché le coeur de plus d'un million de lecteurs.

  • A book of hope for uncertain times.

    The conversations between the four characters in this book - the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse - have been shared thousands of times online, recreated in school art classes, turned into tattoos, they inspire parents and grandparents, comfort children, cheer people who feel lonely, are grieving, need courage, or a reminder that they are not alone and to keep going when life is hard.

    Enter the world of Charlie Mackesy's creations, these four unlikely friends, discover their story and their most poignant and universal life lessons. The book includes Charlie's most loved illustrations and new ones too.

    'The world needs Charlie's work right now.' Miranda Hart 'My hope is that the book goes some way to helping people live more courageously, more honestly and with more love for themselves and others.' Charlie Mackesy